Fine dining restaurant, based in the traditional portuguese recipes, combined with the creativity of the chef Vitor Areias. A top restaurant in the center of Lisbon, where you can have lunch or dinner with every refinement, enjoying the new Portuguese cuisine accompanied by the best wines from Portugal.

When looking at a dictionary the definition of “Assinatura” is “a name written in a document to assume the responsibility for its contents or to prove its authenticity. " Starting then from the assumption that the “restaurant” is the document ,the authenticity/signature is its kitchen, being our main objective to increase transparency and share everything we are and want to be, with the daily celebration of a job that we consolidate more and more, and all of this just in the heart of Lisbon.

It is an elegant, cosmopolitan and friendly space, where the meals are served with skill and dedication.

A kitchen with precision, audacity and sentiment that allows innovation based on tradition, with the “signature” of one of the best chefs of Portuguese cuisine, who is able to lead us through the concept of “ Actual/Traditional”, whose art is precisely to maintain and enhance the natural flavor of the best products of the land and sea.

Personal project of the chef Vitor Areias is leading a team committed to providing you with an unforgettable gastronomic journey, inspired in textures and portuguese aromas that, in his own words, can be summarized as "the authenticity rests on the kitchen, my kitchen, and I assume the commitment to satisfy those who want to visit us, where the client ceases and becomes a friend wishing to return and visit us again."

The cuisine is becoming, worldwide, a rising value, although it has always been closely linked not only to the best literature but also, and specially, to the travelling guides, becoming a very important vehicle of the people's culture.

It's a true and strong desire of ASSINATURA to write beautiful gastronomic pages that will remain in the memory of all who gave us the pleasure of visiting us, wishing to return once more.

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 Photos by Mário Cerdeira